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Image by Sumaid pal Singh Bakshi


Founded in 1962, T and M Plating is one of the largest full metal manufacturing companies in NYC and the USA.

We offer manufacturing, electroplating, powder color coating, and restoration services. 

We are proud to offer 100% Made in the USA options.

Our latest offering, architectural custom manufacturing, focuses on refinishing and restoring your dated kitchen and bathroom hardware. We offer excellent finished and quality craftsmanship to customize your project into ultra high-end designs.

Joe Amie HS.jpg

Joe Amie has managed T and M Plating since 1989.

Our Story


T and M Plating is passionate about delivering on your designs. We bring all aspects of manufacturing to match any project specification and have the experience, technology, and services ready to handle every need.

We ensure projects remain on schedule and budget without compromising our high quality of work. 

Client collaboration is essential to keep you in the loop by overseeing our process meets your requirements.

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